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We are your end-to-end Industry 4.0 Partner committed to discover and unleash a new value in your operations.

We understand your industry complexity and practical technology capabilities. 

We have an extensive and successful experience in technology implementation to industry, gained over years.

We are your unique partner providing all-scope Industry 4.0 services. 


Our mission is helping our customers to find and unlock the best out of Industry 4.0 latest innovations.

Being end-to-end partner means we support all components of your Target Operating Model, including:


You get access to a full team of Industry 4.0 professionals – Lean &  Production Maintenance Experts, IoT, Industry Automation Consultants, Data Scientists, RPA, Software & Database Developers, Project & Change Managers.


We understand your business processes and keep a pulse of your day-to-day business operations. Based on digital data collected, we re-design your operations to ensure efficiency. We are champions of your change.


The transformation is enabled by a broad set of technologies, including IoT, Beacons, Industry Automation, Cloud, Big Data, RPA, Machine Learning.  We implement for you, ensure quality and make best use of them.




Meet Axoma

Our unique and holistic approach is designed to identify all Industry 4.0 value in your organization. We implement technology, build a collection of data, use data science to analyze and learn your operations state, and take clear actions toward further improving of your operations excellence.

Scope & Design

Technical review of your operations, in-depth design, and implementation plan. We deliver both: technical implementation plan and business.


End-to-end installation service of chosen Industry 4.0 technology. We manage all implementation, working hand-in-hand with either your own or our installation team.

Store Data

Collecting big data can be a challenge. Together with our IT experts, we help you to store all that, either in your own or Axoma-provided cloud.

Data Analytics & Machine Learning

It can take even over 3 months to collect initial data to support further processing. We deliver all-scope Machine Learning, Reporting and Dashboard development service.

Conclude & Action

Once your data is in place, we help you to further automate your processes using RPA (Robotic Process Automation). We constantly improve your Operations with our team of Lean Consultants.

Scope & Design
Store Data
Data Analytics & Machine Learning
Conclude & Action

Axoma is proud of the team

All in business is about people. We are here to share with you our experience and knowledge in running business transformation.

You get access to top-class consultants, well experienced in building innovative, technology-centric, business solutions. 



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