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Axoma is your experienced end-to-end Industry 4.0 partner. No hype. The real-live & proven industrial innovations only.

Over the years we gained experience in Industry 4.0 technology implementations to top world-class industrial customers. 

We understand your business complexity. When your pain-points are identified, we deliver both: custom solutions and/or our own built products.

We are proud of our clients’ wins and are grateful for our strong reputation we gained thanks to them!

We think of the future and invest in Research & Development to keep up with the latest Industry 4.0 innovations.

We are your end-to-end partner; we support all components of your Target Operating Model:


The cross-functional team of Industry 4.0 professionals – Production Process Experts, IOT & Industry Automation Consultants, Data Scientists, Software & Database Developers, Project & Change Managers.


We understand your business processes and keep a pulse on your day-to-day business operations. Based on the digital data collected, we provide insights to your Operations Management. We are champions of your change.


The transformation is enabled by a broad set of technologies, including IOT, Automation, Software, Big Data, Machine Learning.  We implement for you, ensuring quality and outcome delivery.




Meet Axoma

Our unique and holistic approach is designed to identify all Industry 4.0 value in your organization. We implement technology, build a collection of data, use data science to analyze and learn your operations state, and take clear actions toward further improving of your operations excellence.

Axoma Solutions

Axoma products are pre-built solutions that are easily deployed to your industrial environment, integrating with your enterprise systems, running either on a cloud or on-premise infrastructure.

Axoma team provides complete deployment services, ensuring your implementation is seamless and with little effort required from your in-house teams. We are your one-stop-shop for Industry 4.0 projects.

Axoma Condition Monitoring is a set of ready-to-use products. As an independent IoT house, we chose the best hardware setup for the given use case, considering your process, machines in scope, and business requirements. All hardware communicates with Axoma developed software that further easily integrates with your Ignition SCADA or MES.

Utilities are the largest out of industrial cost categories. To efficiently manage the cost, we offer a set of Axoma utility Monitoring products, including monitoring of Energy, Water, Gas, Heat, Compressed Air, and Others. Each one is the complete solution, including monitoring, usage controlling, alerting, analytics, and reporting. Easily scalable and integrated with your Ignition SCADA and MES environments.

Your insurance policy covers many industrial and technical risks. The risk management solution is critical to protect your business from unexpected and harmful events. Their implementation significantly reduces the cost of your insurance contracts. Axoma offers ready-to-use Water Leakage monitoring solutions, including monitoring, alerting, analytics and reporting. It integrates with your Ignition SCADA and MES environments.

Axoma is a certified partner of Ignition SCADA of Inductive Automation. We support multiple use cases; an example is a system we designed for the Photovoltaic Farm management.

Our custom projects can contain an unlimited number of tags, clients, screens, and connections. We can tailor every developed view to the appropriate users. We rely on trusted IT standards and an architecture that allows for further expansion.

Axoma is the certified partner of Ignition MES of Inductive Automation.

The implementation scope is dependent on the business requirements and usually includes an alerting system, advanced analytical tools, and dynamic reporting. We enhance the setup with Sepasoft MES modules for Ignition to provide control, traceability, and documentation of raw materials’ transformation into finished goods in real-time.

Axoma is partnering with our customers in building advanced data solutions to provide automated insights into data collected by IoT.

There are limitless combinations and reasons why to contextualize data, starting from relatively standard ones, like automated calculation and explanation of critical KPIs (examples can be Efficiency KPIs: OEE, Throughput, Maintenance KPIs: Downtime, Emergency Work orders, Innovation KPIs), to advanced use cases like automated discovery and understanding of inefficient energy consumption by a set of machines, then the calculation of their impact on energy cost increase, followed with subsequent recommended actions.

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